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Preparing Yourself to Apply for a Job

So you're thinking of applying for a job in security? We've provided some tips to prepare you to apply for a job and help you do your interview well so you can be successful in getting the one you want!

Am I ready to apply?

If you haven't yet read our article Become a Highly-Employable Candidate to get that Security Job, we recommend starting there. It outlines all the basic qualifications you should have.

If you have most (or ideally all) of these qualifications, great. The next thing to do is to think of specific scenarios where you can demonstrate and prove in an interview that you have those qualifications. Continue reading below to prepare to apply for the job.

If you don't have most of those items, go and get some more experience. For example, if you can't describe past situations where you've had a positive attitude or had challenging conversations, and have no security experience, it may be wise to consider getting a temporary customer service job or volunteer position where you can practice this.


Clean up your resume. There should be absolutely no grammar or spelling mistakes. It should be clear, concise and professional. There are many free tools and resources available, such as this one from The Government of Alberta ALIS:

We also highly recommend having someone else review it for you, whether it's a friend or mentor who's a professional (in any industry), or an organization that provide this service, for free or a cost. Sometimes, organizations that you're already a part of may have services that can help you, such as new immigrant or Indigenous communities. You can also Google "resume review service Alberta" to choose a service that can help you.

Cover letter

Prepare a cover letter specifically for that job, sharing how you would be able to serve the company in a value-added way. Make sure you explain how your specific qualifications match the exact requirements of the position. Be cautious not to make the letter sound egotistical. Have a friend or mentor who's a professional (in any industry) review it to make sure it has the right content and tone. This helps the potential employer understand why you are an ideal candidate for the position.


Prepare for an interview. This requires thought and practice to prepare ahead of time. We suggest Google-ing interview questions and practicing them by role playing with a friend.

Here are some tips on what you should be prepared to talk about:

  • Do some research on the company you applied for so you can answer basic questions about them, such as who their clients are, what they do, what the culture is like, what their values and vision are.

  • You should know and be able to clearly articulate how you, if you were to get the job, would be able to support the company in its mission and vision.

  • You need to be able to articulate a purpose, cause or deeper reason why you want the job. This ideally includes personal motivations, and alignment with the values of the company you want to work for.

  • You should be able to explain why you chose the security industry, what your long-term goals are, and how this position fits with your long-term goals.

  • And as previously mentioned, think of specific scenarios where you can demonstrate and prove that you have those qualifications and experience.

Final acknowledgements

We would like to deeply thank those who contributed content to this article. Namely, Lionel Morrill from Quadreal, Robert Cardinal from River Cree Resort, and Shaziya Hasnain from GardaWorld. Your time and effort will help and inspire those newest to the security industry to be the best new applicants for yours and all other companies who hire security staff.

Final disclaimer: Please note that the content from this article are the opinions of the contributors themselves and not necessarily official information from the companies they work for.

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