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Alberta Basic Security Training

Start your Private Security career in Alberta

To work as a security guard in the province of Alberta, you must have an Alberta Security Services licence.

Get your licence and start your career as a security guard or in other security services jobs by taking the Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) course with Tip of Spear.

ABST Security Guard Training in Alberta

The Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) is commonly referred to as "security guard training" and is a 40 hour course. It is the government-required minimum training necessary to get your security guard licence. Tip of Spear's security guard course is accredited through Alberta Justice and Solicitor General and covers all the material you need to know to pass your licensing exam and get your Alberta Security Services licence so you can start working right away!




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Yes, with Alberta Justice

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Online self-paced or in-person instructor-led classroom environment



40 hours total study




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Achieve 80% or more on course quizzes


Final Exam:

Online and in-person government exams available

How to get your Security Guard Licence in Alberta

Step 1

Check to make sure you meet the basic requirements.

Step 2

Complete the Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) online or in-person classroom.

Step 3

Pass your government exam online or in-person.

Step 4

Apply for your Alberta Security Services licence so you can start working shortly!


Why Start a Career as a
Security Guard in Alberta?

Learn more about what a security guard career is like! Check out our knowledge-base to read a comprehensive description on the career, and articles about what security guards do on the job!

CHOOSE: Classroom or Online Course

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Classroom Course

Learn in-person with other students, in an interactive, engaging learning experience with a live instructor.

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Online Course

Learn online 24/7 at home, at your convenience and your own pace. Ideal for busy, self-motivated individuals.

Not sure which option is best for you?

See our comparison chart of all our course options!

online classroom

What our students say

"Completed my Alberta Basic Security Training with the best Instructor in the industry Kathie B. and I am really satisfied with the quality, delivery and overall value of this course. Learned so much critical information on the security profession in Alberta, my rights and the rights of others and how to handle relevant situations in the most effective manner. My sincere thanks goes out to Kathie and the team at Tip of Spear the preparation and training! Highly recommend others to visit and support this business."


- Haben E.

Register for the Classroom Course

We provide an accredited classroom program, with the government exam written on the last day (Friday).  This program is by far the best learning experience.  You are guided by an in-person instructor who will share their extensive experience from working in the industry, as well as using current events to give examples of how to deal with a variety of situations. 

When: 40 hours over 5 days: Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm


  • $290 + GST to borrow a facility copy of the manual for the week

  • or $330 + GST to purchase a paper manual to keep and take home at the end of the week

  • Need financial assistance? Read Free Security Training Programs

Certification: Issued by Tip of Spear​


REGISTER NOW for one of the following Classroom Sessions:

Register classroom
Meet our ABST Instructor

Kathie has been in training and development for 20 years with a focus on security in the past 10 years. She is full of energy and creates a safe environment for her students to grow in their knowledge and confidence. She is passionate about equipping them for not only the exam, but for their careers in security and beyond. Kathie has received educational awards for her exceptional integrity and how she lives her life by example.


About the Alberta Basic Security Training Course

This course includes the following modules:

  1. Introduction to the Security Industry

  2. The Canadian Legal System and Security Professionals

  3. Basic Security Procedures

  4. Communication for Security Professionals

  5. Documentation and Evidence

  6. Response Procedures for Security Professionals

  7. Health and Safety for Security Professionals

What's included with your classroom course tuition: 

✔  Experienced instruction with personalized help.


✔  A copy of the course study material (to borrow or purchase for the classroom course, or purchase or download for the online course).


✔  Access to online practice exams to ensure you're ready for your government exam.


✔  Instructor-led, in-person review the morning before the exam to give you an opportunity to ask any questions and learn any key points you may have missed in the course. (Available for the classroom course or ABST Online Plus course.)


✔  Government final exam in-person at our facility in Edmonton for free! (Online exams are available for an additional fee.) Choose one of our regularly-scheduled dates that suits your schedule.


✔  Guidance on the next steps and completing the security guard licence application.

Why take your Security Training at Tip of Spear?



We are one of the largest and most trusted training centres in Alberta. We have successfully trained over 15,000 people over 12+ years and our reputation with this program is well-known in the industry. Our key courses are accredited through Alberta Justice.


Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are real people with 30+ years of experience, in every protection career, from security professionals, peace officers, military, police, and more. We are constantly improving our high-quality material and instructional techniques so you effectively learn the skills you need.

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Advanced Training

Don't just stop with the basic training! Take advanced training at our facility in Edmonton to progress your career. This opens up more opportunities, challenges and pay. Tip of Spear has all the advanced training you need to move up!

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Additional Resources

Additional study resources are available such as practice exams and instructor-led reviews to help you pass your exam. Once you have your licence, take our numerous other advanced courses to help you grow in your career.


Full Support

We go above and beyond to provide support and guidance on everything you need. Learn what the prerequisites are to start your career, complete your course, pass your exam, apply for your licence, and get that dream job. We help with it all!


Alberta Advantage

We live and work in Alberta too, so we know what the security industry is like here and teach from that perspective, which gives you an advantage. This is not just about doing the minimum to get your licence, this is about setting you up for success in your career!


Dream Careers

As a Tip of Spear student, you get exclusive access to hiring employers so you can get a job once you pass your exam and get your (temporary) licence! Security companies trust the quality of our students and they want to hire you.

Tips to Help you Get Started

Our Ratings


Better Business Bureau



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★★★★★ (4.8)

183 Reviews



★★★★★ (5.0)

90 Reviews

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Prefer to take the course ONLINE?

Learn at your own pace, around your busy life. We have several options for taking the course online!

Comparison of ABST course options


Next Step: Pass the Government Final Exam

Once the training has been FULLY completed, you must register for the government final exam and pass it to be able to apply for your licence and work as a security guard.  For more information about the exam, including dates for the exam and booking online, please go to Exam Booking: ABST & AIT. Government exams are offered online and in-person at our facility in Edmonton.

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