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Basic Requirements for becoming a Security Guard

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Thinking about starting a career in security or private investigation in Alberta? It is a varied and challenging career that allows you to grow to become a security professional or launch over to other Protection Careers.

One of the best things about it is that it's quite easy to get started. All you need to do is take a 40 hour course (classroom and online options available) and pass the government exam. But before you start, check to make sure you meet the minimum requirements. Here are the basic requirements, as laid out in the Security Services and Investigators Act:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age

  2. Fluent in speaking English. (Level 5 benchmark)

  3. A Canadian citizen or legally entitled to work in Canada.

  4. No serious criminal record for which a pardon has not been granted.

  5. No outstanding criminal charges.

  6. Not the subject of a criminal investigation.

Other Important Qualities and Skills

The following qualities are also important to have. These are skills that you can continue to learn and grow in. You will develop these skills on the job, and by taking more training!

  • Integrity - have good morals

  • Honesty - be truthful about all things

  • Accountability - show up to work, and if you can't work, to tell your supervisor

  • Availability - available to work different shifts

  • Communication skills - be able to understand what others are saying and speak to them so they can understand you

  • Interpersonal skills - friendly to other people

  • Conflict resolution - can find solutions with people who are angry or emotional

  • Emotional groundedness - can stay calm and don't get easily angry or emotional

  • Mental alertness - can pay attention to little details and stay alert during your shift

  • Courageous - be willing to talk to people who are committing an offense

  • Grow - ask questions if you don't know what to do

  • Good health - be able to stand or walk for hours if necessary

Not sure if you meet these criteria?

One common question we get is: "I am not sure if my past history will affect my eligibility. How can I find out?"

If you have a specific unique scenario about the above requirements (such as a restraining order or previous offense) and are not sure if it will impact your eligibility, you can contact the Alberta Governor and Solicitor General's office. They can discuss your specific case with you and can give you more information about your situation. Their email is:

Next steps

If you meet these requirements, you can get started on your training! Tip of Spear offers the Alberta Basic Security Training in-person in a classroom-setting and also online that you can take at your own pace and convenience. Learn more and register for the one that is best for you!

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