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Security Employer Resources

If you own or work in HR for are a security guard company, or a company in another industry that hires security staff, we have developed several programs to assist you with the training and/or hiring process, often the most expensive and time-consuming aspect of having staff:

  • Train-and-Place

  • Employment Database

  • Job Postings


We have assisted in the development of several social programs in partnership with employment support organizations to help employers with hiring and training. These vary from train-and-interview to train-and-place programs depending on the mandate of the agency and requirements of the employer.


These programs are win-win-win: 

  • Employers get access to pre-screened quality candidates who are already trained to a high degree

  • Individuals get free or heavily subsidized training and employment support

  • Agencies meet their mandate to help individuals become self-sufficient working members of society

If you are a hiring employer who would like to work with us on these types of partnerships, please contact us.

Employment Database

Good security staff are hard to find, especially in this current market where it is increasingly difficult to fill the growing number of positions. We have hundreds of students take our security guard training every month. We bridge the gap between our students who are looking to get hired with our partner employers who need to hire new staff.


Many of the new graduates from our security guard training register for our our Employment Database once they pass their government exam. We receive their contact information, resume, availability, training, experience and more. They are located across Alberta.


If your security company would like to get access to hundreds of security guards who are looking for work, we offer a monthly subscription for this service. Please contact us for more information.

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