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Tactical Communications

Addressing violations while preserving client relations

The ultimate goal of a law enforcement or security professional is to enforce bylaws, policies and laws. Tactical Communications covers how to do so, in a manner that encourages cooperation and preserves client relations to the fullest extent possible.

What is Tactical Communications?

Tactical Communications teaches how to take a professional approach to address bylaw or policy violations and criminal offences based on the specific Authorities of your role in the workplace. For those working as peace officers and security, this ensures that escalation of the use of force is limited and physical force is only used when all other options are exhausted.

This course is especially crucial for those first starting in the security industry or other protection-related careers where you are interacting with the public. It's imperative that you are able to help others by leading conversations, know how to handle arguments and escalated emotions, ask people to do things (such as leave the facility) and stop doing things (if they are breaking a policy, bylaw or law), and guide people in the event of an emergency. This course teaches all of these foundational skills and more.


This course has been proven to reduce the number of incidents

that end up requiring physical force

while keeping patrons satisfied with their guest experience.

Course contents

Course Contents

This program begins with recognizing your current skill level and building on your personal strengths. It has been specially designed to equip those working in an enforcement role to understand the mindset, physical positioning, and communication tactics framework which can be adapted to different types of incidents, depending on subject resistance and working environments. If the situation does escalate, learn how to adjust to tactical positioning, move from directive to command language, and work with your team to team to stay safe. Build confidence by role-playing with real scenarios and immersion-based learning.

This courses teaches:

  • Self-awareness of current communication skillsets

  • Understanding how stress and fear affects you physically and mentally

  • Maintaining self-control under stress and fear

  • Definitions and degrees of use-of-force

  • Understanding the difference between violations and offenses

  • Understanding and defending the specific authorities in your role

  • Matching authority (officer's response) to subject behaviour 

  • Physical positioning to the subject

  • Recognition of threat indicators

  • Escalation factors

  • Tools to limit assaultive subject behavior, including basic self-defence

  • Customer service mindset and building rapport

  • De-escalation techniques

  • Framework for addressing the issue to gain the most compliance

  • Incident management from beginning to end of incident

What our students say

"I have figured out how today was so different from every other training session on difficult customers. Having someone watch how you handle situations and inadvertently escalate is an invaluable tool. For the first time I feel that I can enter a negative situation with a framework and tools to get what I need from customers with minimal pushback. There is such a difference between theory and practice and this was the perfect balance. This is what our staff have been asking for. Thank you."

- Rebecca W.

About the Course

This exclusive Tip of Spear course has been developed from decades of personal experiences from numerous professionals in many different environments such as: healthcare, corrections, corporate, special events, hospitality, in military, peace officer and security roles. This course is unique compared to other enforcement communications courses in that it take a holistic view of communication, and reinforces the concept of gaining compliance with a customer service and human perspective in mind.


This is one of our top-requested courses from our corporate clients and all have seen huge improvements in their staff's ability to deal with difficult clients.


We have several instructors who teach this course. They are current and former peace officers and security staff who have worked in a wide variety of functions and roles over decades.

Exclusive corporate classes are also available by request. Please contact us for more information.



Duration: 16 hours
Tuition: $199 + GST
Certification: Issued by Tip of Spear, valid for 2 years

Register for the waiting list below to be notified when Tip of Spear opens registration for an "open class".
Exclusive corporate classes are also available by request. Please contact us for more information.

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