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Together let's grow your
Alberta Security Guard
or Private Investigation career

Start your Alberta security guard or private investigation career today with the required entry-level training, or become a professional with our advanced training. We are pleased to provide for you:

✔  Basic online and in-person training for security and private investigation

✔  Additional study resources to pass the exam

✔  Advanced training to grow in your career

✔  Support in applying for your security licence

✔  Government final exams online and in-person

✔  Unlimited support with any questions

✔  Job opportunities through our partner employers


4 Simple Steps to become a Security Guard in Alberta!


Step 1

Check to make sure you meet the basic requirements.


Step 2

Complete the Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) online or in-person.


Step 3

Pass your government exam online or in-person.


Step 4

Apply for your Security Services licence.

Why Start a Career in Security
or Private Investigations?

There are so many reasons why security and private investigation careers are worth it. It doesn't take long to take the minimal schooling and get licensed, there are so many job opportunities and options like part-time work if you need an extra job, and of course you have a vital role in helping to keep your community safe!

✔   Minimal schooling

✔   Low training and licensing costs

✔   In-demand jobs

✔   Flexible shifts, part-time shifts available

✔   Meaningful work, helping your community stay safe

✔   Opportunities to advance into specialized fields like close protection and loss prevention

✔   Pivot into other careers like law enforcement or emergency response

Student Reviews

"I have been a cop in the US for years including swat. This is far the most realistic and best training I have been to yet for defensive tactics."

- Kalin P.

Why choose Tip of Spear?

Tip of Spear Academy provides government-accredited training to start and advance your security guard or private investigator career in Alberta. We are passionate not just about helping you get your Security Services licence, but about your personal safety and your ongoing success in your career too. We are one the largest and longest running training providers in Alberta, training over 15,000 students since 2011.


15,000+ trained

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Security Guard and Private Investigation training accredited with Alberta Justice


15 certified instructors with decades of experience in the protection industry

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Gold standard reputation and reviews


12+ years operating (since 2011)


Albertan owned and operated, serving all of Alberta and Western Canada


Advanced Security Guard Courses in Edmonton


De-Escalation Training

Tactical Communications

Learn how to address bylaw/policy violations and criminal offences based on the authorities of your job, while limiting escalation of the

use of force.


Handcuff & Baton Training

Defensive Tactics (PPCT)

Get certified to use handcuffs & baton, and learn the principles of arrest & control and use of force. 


Situational Awareness Training

Personal Risk Recognition & Response

Learn how to increase your situational awareness, recognize risk indicators and mitigate them proactively before they turn into a  dangerous situation. 

Upcoming Training Course Dates

Click on each item in the calendar to view more details.

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