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Top Sectors Requiring Security Guards in 2023

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

What are the top sectors requiring security guards currently and going into 2023? [keywords: security guard, security services, Canada, security-industry, private sector]

As the pandemic slows and the world opens up, the need for security professionals continues to increase. The security industry has seen increased growth throughout the pandemic leading to more full-time and part-time jobs in multiple sectors. In Canada, both the public and private sectors increasingly require the need for security services. Security guards are vital members of these organizations offering fundamental protections for people and property.

So, what are the top sectors requiring security guards in 2023?

The top sectors requiring security professionals in the coming year are:

  • Airports

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Banks

  • Industrial and Commercial Properties

Airport Security in 2023

With the Canadian federal government forecasted to make further changes to border regulations regarding the pandemic, airport traffic will continue to increase in 2023. Airports are the main entry points into a country, and the need for security experts is high. Security operations are crucial to a well-functioning airport system. Without a strong security team, there is an opportunity for disaster. With increased air travel traffic, airports need to expand their security guard roster to ensure they have the personnel on hand to keep air travel safe. If you’re interested in working as an airport security guard, start applying today.

Healthcare Security in 2023

As we saw throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our hospitals are full of sick and vulnerable individuals. As the pressures of the pandemic subside, hospitals will continue to face vulnerabilities because of worker shortages, retirements, and funding cuts. In Canada, we also face an opioid epidemic, which may lead to potentially dangerous and difficult situations within our hospitals and healthcare system.

The need for security professionals within the healthcare system will continue to increase as a means of risk management in anticipation of future difficulties. Additionally, as certain areas begin to implement more privatized healthcare options, they will require security experts. The healthcare system is a crucial part of Canada and its identity, and the need for security professionals has never been higher. If you’re interested in working as a security guard in the healthcare sector, start applying today.

Hospitality Security in 2023

With the removal of pandemic restrictions, Canada’s hospitality sector has begun to boom. More and more people are feeling comfortable returning to their regular activities. This return means there’s currently an increase in patrons in the hospitality sector. While the country’s nightlife grows, the need for security service providers increases. These roles can vary depending on the type of hospitality business. Whether it’s working security at a club, sports arena, casino, or hotel -- there are many job opportunities in this sector. If you’re interested in working as a security guard in the hospitality sector, start applying today.

Bank Security in 2023

Despite the rising popularity of online banking, physical banking locations will still be important in 2023. For the longest time, banks have required the presence of a security professional to keep the peace between patrons and bank tellers. Next year won’t be any different. These in-person roles ensure the safety of the bank, its patrons, and its employees. For as long as physical banks exist, there is a need for security guards. Working security for a bank is a positive step in your potential career path. The opportunities can vary depending on the size of the bank and its location. If you’re interested in working as a security guard in the banking sector, start applying today.

Industrial and Commercial Security in 2023

Industrial and commercial security guards are becoming increasingly important as time goes on. As an industrial security professional, this could include industrial property security, supply chain security, warehouse security, and more. As a commercial sector security guard, you could work for large-scale retailers like Wal-Mart or your local mall. These employers might hire their own private security, or they will hire a security agency to offer security services to their business. Security professionals are necessary for the industrial and commercial sectors to avoid disruptions to day-to-day activities and the supply chain. Security guards will also keep dangerous industrial locations safe for employees and potential trespassers. Are you interested in working as a security expert in these sectors? Start applying today.

Are you looking to become a security guard?

Now that you know about the top sectors requiring security guards in 2023, are you ready to take the plunge and start training as a security guard? Tip of Spear offers online and in-person training for the Alberta Basic Security Training program. And we will help you get your career started and set you up for success.

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