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Other Jobs that require a Security Services Licence

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Did you know that security guards aren't the only jobs that require a Security Services Licence? The following careers also require you to have a Security Services Licence in the province of Alberta to be able to work in them:

  • Investigator

  • Security guard

  • Loss prevention workers

  • Executive security / close protection

  • Security alarm responders

  • Guard dog handlers

  • Training licence

  • Locksmith

  • Automotive lock bypass

  • Locksmith equipment sales and promotion

  • Or own a company that provides any of these services

According to the Security Services and Investigators Act in the province of Alberta, no person may provide these services without a valid Security Services Licence. If you want to start working in any of the careers listed below, you need to take your Alberta Basic Security Training course, government exam, and apply for your Security Services Licence. You can learn more on how to obtain your licence by starting with the training course.

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