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Is My BC Security Licence Valid in Alberta?

Updated: Jan 30

Being a security guard in Alberta is a rewarding career. With a large job market and many opportunities, Alberta security guards are in high demand. Alberta also provides opportunities for career growth in the security industry. If you're moving from BC to Alberta and wanting continue in your security career, this article outlines how to do so. (This also applies to individuals who have current security licenses from Ontario))

What is a BC security licence?

In British Columbia, much like the other provinces and territories in Canada, you need a security worker licence to work in the security industry. To become a security professional, you must complete a security guard training program from an approved provider. In British Columbia, the training programs are through registrar-approved training providers or online via the Justice Institute of British Columbia.

To apply for a security licence, you must legally be allowed to work in Canada either: as a citizen, a permanent resident, a visitor with a work permit, or a student with a study permit.

You must also pass multiple checks such as Criminal, Police, and Correctional Record Checks, English Fluency Checks, and a Mental Health Condition Report. When submitting your application, you need a copy of your fingerprints, a passport-quality photo, and a copy of a valid piece of ID. You can review the required qualifications here.

Once you have completed your training and meet the required qualifications, you can apply for your security worker licence in British Columbia.

Can I work as a security guard in Alberta with my BC licence?

The short answer is no; you can't work as a security guard in Alberta with a BC licence. You need an Alberta Security Service Licence to work in Alberta. However, there may be ways to shortcut your licensing process in Alberta if you already have a BC security licence.

As a security worker licence in British Columbia, you would have completed the training necessary to hold a valid licence. The Alberta Solicitor General recognizes approved basic training programs across Canada. So even if you took your security training for the province of BC, it may be valid in Alberta so you don't have to re-take the training. Contact Alberta Security Programs Registrar to confirm if the training you took applies.

As of 2023, Training equivalency for the other provinces falls under “New Applicant.  If you have an “active” security guard license you can simply attach a photo copy of the front and back, to your application and submit the application package to the Government office or to the Registry (see this link for more details).  However, if you let it expire, a copy of your training certificate must be attach to your package.  Please note that licenses from other provinces are not transferrable to Alberta you must submit a “New Individual Application" in order to obtain licensing in Alberta.

PS3723 - New Individual Application Form - Rev 2023-08
Download PDF • 184KB

If you have questions, you should do if you want to work in Alberta as a security guard is contact the Security Program Registrar:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)

Security Programs

P.O. Box 1023 Station Main

Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2M1

Once you contact the Security Programs Registrar, you'll better understand the steps needed to get your Alberta Security Guard Licence as it may be different for each person depending on their particular situation.

In some cases, the Security Programs Registrar may require you to take the provincial exam to confirm your eligibility as a security guard.

In extreme cases, the Security Programs Registrar may ask that you take the mandatory training from an approved training provider here in Alberta.

The differences between applying for your Security Services Licence in Alberta compared to BC are: you do not need a Mental Health Report, you may not need to provide a copy of your fingerprints, and the Alberta age requirement is 18 years old.

The clearest path to working as a security guard in Alberta

Working as a security guard in Alberta is reserved for those who have completed an approved training course and hold a valid security service worker licence. If transferring your licence from British Columbia to Alberta, please make sure you:

  1. Contact the Alberta Security Program Registrar to confirm your eligibility. (Contact information in the section above.)*

  2. Apply for your Alberta license

*If the Alberta Security Program Registrar won't recognize your British Columbia security training, Tip of Spear offers a comprehensive Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) program guiding you every step of the way to help you start your career in security. Start training today with Tip of Spear.

What is the ABST in Alberta?

The Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) program is Alberta's mandatory training program for security guards. The program follows the Canadian standard for security guard training and is acceptable for transfer in most provinces. The training consists of 40 hours of lessons teaching you the basics of security services. Through the Alberta Basic Security Training course, you will learn about the following:

  1. Introduction to the Security Industry

  2. The Canadian Legal System and Security Professionals

  3. Basic Security Procedures

  4. Communication for Security Professionals

  5. Documentation and Evidence

  6. Response Procedures for Security Professionals

  7. Health and Safety for Security Professionals

This program will give you the necessary knowledge to apply for your Alberta security licence. This training is one of many security programs we offer at Tip of Spear.

Are you interested in becoming a security guard? Learn more about our Alberta Basic Security Training program.

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