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How Security Guards in Alberta Can Increase Their Salary

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

When you begin a career as a security guard in Alberta, you will often be considered “entry level,” even if you have prior work experience outside of the security industry. The good news is that even entry level security guard positions in Alberta are higher than minimum wage – often around $17 or more per hour in 2022. According to the Government of Alberta, top security professionals are earning upwards of $25/hour. As you progress in your career into management or as a tactical guard / specialist, you can make much more than this!

Creating Opportunities

One of the main ways security guards can increase their salary in Alberta is by being available for new opportunities. Every security company faces staffing challenges throughout the year: special events, new contracts, territory expansion, etc. If you make yourself available to help your company during these times, you can earn a reputation as a solid, motivated worker. This type of employee is indispensable for a company trying to grow; they know they can count on you to be there.

When you build this type of reputation and relationship with your employer, you are in a much better position to negotiate at contract renewal time. Think about it from the employer’s point of view: would they risk you leaving over a salary increase, when you have proven that you will go above and beyond for them? Perhaps, but compared to an employee who just does the bare minimum, you will have a much better chance at earning a better salary in the coming year.

Always Be Proactive In The Job Market

Being proactive in the job market doesn’t mean “change jobs every year” – instead, it means be aware and prepared at all times. Taking pride in your skillset and the value you provide to a company allows you to be flexible if a better opportunity presents itself.

Keep your resume up to date, know which companies are hiring throughout the year, and keep a strong network of contacts in the industry. Even if you decide to stay very long term at your current employer, you will be aware of other opportunities, which gives you a sense of perspective and even negotiating points at yearly performance reviews or contract renewals. This could (and should) be you, so make sure you know what the competition is offering.

Be Outstanding At Your Job

If you take your job seriously because you want to advance or increase your salary as a security guard, you should be the best at it. Slacking off on your phone, ignoring issues, and not actively supporting your coworkers are all traits that will hold you back from success.

When you show up to work every day ready to go, document all events clearly, and you actively make the public feel safe around you, you are demonstrating leadership and career advancement qualities.

Upgrade Yourself

You can also upgrade your skillsets through further training and courses during your time off.

Tip of Spear is proud to offer courses that make a difference in your career development. Our curated list of training will prepare you for more diverse situations, and potentially new career opportunities.

  • Address violations and offences while preserving client relations

  • Recognize and mitigate pre-attack indicators before they turn into dangers

Defensive Tactics & Handcuffing (PPCT)

  • Get certified to in appropriate use-of-force and handcuffing techniques

  • Tools to assist in getting help for mental health episodes

  • Lifesaving skills for high risk work

  • Limiting, de-escalating and resolving confrontation safely (in the workplace)

  • Take additional training outlined in this article for free to expand your horizons and grow your mindset.

In Summary

By treating your job as your career, you will unlock many opportunities to increase your salary as a security professional in Alberta. Companies are always looking for outstanding candidates, so be that person!

Earning more money as a security guard in Alberta is very possible if you approach it strategically and set goals for yourself. Every day is a new opportunity to provide value and earn a reputation as someone who should be earning more than a new hire.

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