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Corporate Security Training

Training shouldn't just be another business expense. It should be an investment into your company's reputation and ultimately the stability and growth of your business.


You want your company to be the best in your industry, and that requires high quality staff who know how to handle risk effectively by making the best decisions during an incident. If staff make bad choices in the field, there is real and immediate negative impact on the business, so training is a crucial component of your business' success. There's only one thing worse than training staff and then they leave to work for someone else: not training them at all and have them do a mediocre job while they work for you! Tip of Spear provides the training your company needs to set yourself apart, grow your reputation and therefore your revenue year over year.

In this day and age, basic guards are rarely enough. Your company strives for excellence and to provide guard services that are above and beyond, because that's what your clients need now more than ever. Your job is to reduce the risk of your own company (and that of your clients), so ensure your guards have training beyond just basic ABST.


Perhaps you own a small security guard company, or work for a large protection services company in HR or as a regional manager. Or perhaps you work for a company in a different industry but that hires security staff, such as a jewellery or grocery store. Either way, you are responsible for ensuring your staff receive the training they need to be successful in their roles.

You also need to outsource your training because you either are too small of a company to have your own dedicated trainer, or you work for a large company who would rather keep internal roles to your core services and outsource the rest to external professionals. If you're a security company, your staff need training because you've either just won a new contract that requires additional skills or you need to maintain an existing contract. If you are a company in a different industry who hires security staff, your staff need training because there's a new corporate policy in place or there have been an increase in high-risk incidents.

The training you need for your staff

Whether you have 1 or 100,000 staff, you need one-off training for a short term contract or regular training or just an instructor to fill in for your regular in-house instructor, book us for exclusive classes just for your staff, or put a couple of staff each month into our regular open classes.

Quickly qualified guards for a solid corporate reputation. An investment that grows your bottom line.

A Training Program That The Business Can Consistently Rely On To Produce Excellent Guards. Consistent, fast training program that puts boots on ground without hiccups.

✔   Consistent, high quality results

✔   Practical, real-world training, not theory

✔   Tailored content for every company and department

✔   Work around your scheduling with flexible, time-effective training 

✔   Competitive rates

✔   Better decision making for reduced risk

✔   No high-aggression techniques. De-escalation is always emphasize first before (and if) going hands-on.

Tip of Spear is the industry standard in Alberta


15,000+ trained

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Accredited Security Guard and Use of Force training

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Advanced training such as handcuffing, baton, de-escalation, tactical first aid and more


10 certified instructors with decades of experience in the protection industry

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Gold standard reputation and reviews by students and employers


13+ years operating (since 2011)


Albertan owned and operated, serving all of Alberta and across Canada

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Excellence guaranteed

Book your corporate training with Tip of Spear

Ready to get started? Here's what it looks like.

A limited budget need not hold you back

We started Tip of Spear back in 2011 specifically to serve the small security company as they don't have the same financial resources to invest into their staff as larger organizations so this can be a barrier to their growth. We have several options available to assist in training staff for security roles.


The Government of Alberta has several grants available specifically to train staff in a security a protection function. Read our article for more information on how these grants work and what is available. Please Contact Us to discuss options and with help applying for these grants.

Learn more about our Train-and-Place programs on how to find trained staff through our partner organizations.

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