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Arrest and control tactics for protection professionals

PPCT Registration

"Dave is an absolute master of self defense. I took his PPCT course and attended some Krav Maga classes. Let just say that the 5 day course was an absolute pleasure. It exceeded the standards for PPCT and also gave you very real, usable techniques on how to protect yourself. Dave is a student (himself) where he let's you have a voice. He gives very practical and useful skills to deal with any situation that you may come across. My only regret is that I was not able to continue to learn and go to more classes. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn a self defense. Or wants to improve what they already know."

- J. W.



Learn more about the Defensive Tactics and Handcuffing certification and recertification.


Handcuffing & Baton

Learn more about the Defensive Tactics Handcuffing & Baton certification and recertification.

"Whenever I think of security training Tip of Spear is my go to every time. From classroom to the field you cannot go wrong with any of the courses provided. In the classroom Dave’s method of teaching gives you the best results whether you’re new to the field or returning to re-cert. 10 out of 10 would recommend every time!"

- Jeremy



DT Handcuffing

Certification is done on the Saturday and Sunday of the dates listed below.

Recertification is done on the Sunday of the dates listed below.

DT Baton

Handcuffing & Baton

Certification is done on Saturday to Wednesday of the dates listed below.

Recertification is done on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of the dates listed below.


If you'd like more information, check out about Human Factor Science, who are the creators of this program, why we teach this program, and what to expect and how to prepare for the training course once you register.

For basic information about what equipment is provided on the job, and purchasing handcuffs and batons, please see the article: Duty Gear for Security Jobs. To learn how to have the Baton qualification added to your Security Services licence, or recertify your Baton qualification on your licence read our article: How to Add Baton to your Security Licence.

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