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Strategic Conflict Resolution

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Limiting, de-escalating and resolving confrontation safely (in the workplace)

  • Have you ever been afraid for your safety in a conversation with someone who got aggressive?

  • Have you ever avoided starting a conversation with a particular person because you were afraid it would get out of control?

  • Do you work in a job that has a customer-facing role, where you deal with people who are unhappy?

It’s unfortunate, but these situations are becoming more common in our current world. Now more than ever, it's critical to learn skills on how to lead conversations so they are constructive and respectful. We need to learn how to anticipate emotional people so we can be prepared to keep ourselves and those around us safe. This is not just about mitigating workplace violence, or non-violent interventions, this is about learning basic life skills that you can apply in any area of your life.

Strategic Conflict Resolution equips you how to use words and presence to defuse aggression, to prevent confrontation from escalating into violence, and come to a satisfactory resolution.


This course teaches you to have the confidence to know what to do, should you ever encounter a situation where conflict arises which could lead to assaultive behavior. This seminar teaches you to recognize the signs, signals and behaviour cues in others that will increase your personal and organizational safety. It increases your positive customer service interactions and promotes the respect of all individuals involved in the conversation. 

"Interestingly enough, when our “problem” client with the restraining order was attempting access to our office, we were much better prepared (this time)!


The content, delivery and practicality of this training was right on target for what I am trying to achieve with my team.

Dave, you listened to our challenges and addressed our concerns. I appreciate the ease in which we were able to facilitate this, you are very organized and responsive.
I have had some great feedback already! Thank you!"

- Lee Anne R.

Learn skills how to:

  • limit workplace violence

  • reduce stress

  • lessen customer complaints

  • increase safety of staff

  • build confidence

  • elevate professionalism

  • enhance corporate reputation

  • achieve empowerment

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This course is ideal for: 

  • Frontline, public-facing roles, such as: reception, sales, customer service, supervisors and managers in industries such as: hospitality, real estate, professional services, recreation, education, city services

  • Working with difficult or aggressive coworkers or clients

  • Handling strained personal relationships

  • Dealing with people in any situation! Principles can be applied across every aspect of life.

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In the Workplace

Our ability to professionally present ourselves is a critical factor in not only effectively working with others, but may be a direct factor in our personal safety. Workplace violence is a serious issue that has the potential to affect any occupation or business sector, possibly threatening the safety and security of every employee and employer.

Canadian Occupation Health and Safety legislation requires employers to take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of employees. This provision includes protecting employees from a known risk of workplace violence. To prevent workplace violence, make an organizational commitment to fulfill the violence prevention training needs for you and all employees within your organization. We also recommend that you develop internal policies and procedures for different potential situations your staff may face, and not only familiarize them with it, but ensure they are practiced and thoroughly understood.

Course Contents

Course contents

Participants will learn:

  • About the aspects of personal safety and determining risk in others, the environment and ourselves

  • How to recognize fear and stress, how it affects us, and how to stay in control of our bodies and minds

  • What things we must manage within ourselves to avoid contributing to the escalation of the conversation

  • How to pro-actively recognize and avoid danger by identifying threat indicators in others by what they say and do

  • About the types and nuances of communication

  • How to determine what the real issue at hand actually is

  • Methods of diffusing situations through the use of words and tone of voice

  • How conflict escalates and what actions to take to prevent physical harm

  • Effective methods for successfully resolving a conflict


Typically offered as a one-day course, this training is a highly interactive experience, allowing us to learn as a group, building on your exact personal experiences and workplace issues. It challenges you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and come up with personal strategies to do things differently. 

Each course is uniquely tailored to the specific organization that requests it based on situations they typically encounter, and specific previous aggressive scenarios that the participants may have experienced. This ensures that the content that is delivered is immediately applicable and valuable to all staff of that organization who participated. The participant's input is a valuable resource in developing a plan of action in these types of situations.

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Request Course

This course is available to corporate groups or organizations by request, and can be taught virtually, on-site at your location or at ours.  To request more information including prices, and to book a group course, please contact us.

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